Next to Budapest there is also a romantic wedding venue on the edge of the forest!

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An outdoor wedding? Solvable!

Do you have the perfect couple to live your life with, and is your wedding date already set? If theanswer is yes, then the first and most important steps are already on the way to the  wedding, but you still have a long way to go in order to get the right end result! There is no need to despair if  you imagined the big day outdoors, since this is not an impossible mission. If you find the ideal venue, you will really be able to make the whole event happen in the soft lap of nature!

A lot depends on the spot!

We would now like to introduce you to an extremely romantic wedding venue, which, despite being close to Budapest, is still completely located in the green nature! Our Fenyőharaszt Castle Hotel is the perfect choice for a wedding in several ways, as you will be able to conduct literally every moment of this important day in an exclusive environment. However, let's start by looking at what you need to pay attention to if you want to get together outdoors, and of course  how the  castle hotel, which is only 50 kilometers from the capital, can help you!

Romance and comfort in one place!

This venue will not only create an endless romantic atmosphere for the whole day, whether it's a civic service, a photo shoot or a party until dawn, but it will also provide comfort for your guests! Because what's one of the most common questions about a party among invitees? Of course, the question "Who will be the driver on the way home?" ! In the hotel accommodation, which  is easily accessible from the M3 motorway, 150 guests will be able to sleep comfortably at the end of the party, so everyone is guaranteed to be able to party through the night! It is also advantageous to choose a place where there is accommodation, because let's face it, no one likes to travel a lot in makeup and already ironed clothes in a car, especially in summer, so that in turn it will be possible for gueststo prepare a treatise in the rooms.

There are several locations to consider!

Be sure to mention thatthere are  4 different venues for outdoor civic ceremony and dinner. Whether  you think your wedding is really intimate near the  really beautiful little pond and fountain  in the front garden, or just under the trees, or at the  big lake in the back, or by the forest, you decide for yourself! Fortunately, the weather cannot interfere with the success of your day here, as the next dinner after the ceremony will be laid  out for  you and your guests in a decorative tent of almost 400 square meters, in which there will also be plenty of room for dancing. Do you know what else is worth knowing that can be a deciding factor for many when choosing? With us, the registration will really take place outdoors! In that evening, if you do not have a specific wish for the registrar, we will recommend you a beautiful and adaptable lady, whom you will only meet once before the big day, and who, as requested, may even make the ceremony more personal with some small stories of your own.

You can also count on us to compile the menu!

It is important for every couple that the pictures taken on one of the most important days of their lives are unique and intimate. The good news is that every corner of the Fenyőharaszt Castle Hotel will be ideal for your creative photo shoot to go really well! There's also something very cardinal that a lot usually depends on in a lagoon. And this is nothing more than a menu bar, since winning the tastes of all guests is not an easy task. This is where our help comes in  handy, as with 17 years of experience behind  us, we have already conducted hundreds of weddings and are aware of  how important it is to take into account the needs and wishes of the newlyweds in terms of food.


Let the pictures and videos speak for us a little.

It is worth visiting ourwebsite, where  there are many pictures and videos of both the venue and previous weddings, which, believe me, will speak for themselves! It's not an unattainable dream that your wedding venue is really next to a forest or a lake, all you have to do is find the ideal place where you know this day is really going to have to be about you. Fenyőharaszt Castle Hotel  will be the best choice for nature lovers in terms of a  wedding, because not only will you be able to realize the wedding in the open air, but your guests will also feel comfortable both  during the gathering and the party that follows the zt, but also during the next day's rest andora.

It is not worth delaying the organization of the wedding for a long time if you have already set the date, as in such a romantic, outdoor wedding venue as our Pine Haraszt Castle Hotel, the most popular dates quickly run out! Remember, on the day of your wedding, everything has to be about you and your wishes, and that's what we always keep in mind!